We've been partying for over 20 years

Our history


It is the year 2000. Consumerism is on the loose, the shopping mall culture invades Budapest. West End City Center, the largest mall of Central Europe at the time, opens downtown. As a result, the small underground shopping arcade next to the Hotel Astoria closes down, similarly to many other shops in the Vaci utca and the Ring Boulevard area.

Enter Marci Mikus, who needs a place to stay while his apartment is being renovated, and thus temporarily moves in to his father’s closed arcade.
As youngsters usually do, Marci likes good company, loud music and fine drinks. He hosts his friends in his temporary living room, where the parties keep growing bigger and bigger weekend after weekend. The rest, as they say, is history…

Welcome to the Living Room, the largest living room of downtown Budapest! You are invited!

Unforgettable parties

LivingRoom in numbers